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Burning Lungs of The Earth!!

Burning Lungs of The Earth!!



The “LUNGS OF THE WORLD”, The Great Amazon Forest is burning. Amazon Forest covers approximately 55,00,000 km2 of area and has approximately 16,000 species of trees and over 30 million indigenous people and the most important fact that it produces 20% of Earth’s Oxygen which is why it is honored as the lungs of the earth.

The disastrous fire started in August 2019 and is still on. Fire departments are working on their full capabilities to take over the disaster. There are many reasons for this catastrophe, but the main ones can be summarized and classified into two categories i.e. the Natural Cause and the Anthropological Cause. The Natural Causes can be Climate Change, High Temperature, and Vulnerabilities of Mono-culture Trees. Whereas the Anthropocentric Cause can be well understood as they are caused due to human activities itself, so they are Rotational Farming, Timber Mafias, Deliberate acts of arson, Accidents Due to Fireworks, and Mismanagement by the Forest Department.

450 million hectares of forest area is destroyed every year due to these mistakes done by us. If this continues, then there will be a drastic loss in the biodiversity and the ecosystem, and if we lose the natural vegetation at this rate the vulnerability of drought will increase at an alarming level. As the world is concerned about global warming the forest fire contributes to this as well, and these forest fires is a danger for not only flora and fauna but to the indigenous communities as well.

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